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Pay Less with Every Ad You Place:
Introducing PRO Business

The concept is simple: the more ads you place, the cheaper your advertising per ad listed. Plus, your first ad and Boost Credit are included.

Say hello to your NEW analytics dashboard.

Our new My Business Dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor, analyse and improve your ads, regardless of your technical expertise.

Data-led decision making for your advertising

We’ve made managing your ads more efficient than ever. For the first time, gain instant access to:

Basic Business

£0 /month
Then £7.50 per ad listed
£15 /month
Then as little as £2.50 per ad

How much will I save?

Basic businesses can list ads individually for £7.50 each, while PRO Businesses benefit from the price-per-ad model for increased flexibility and affordability.

Number of Ads
Price per Ad
PRO Business white tick
£7.50 FREE
£7.50 £4.99
£7.50 £4.25
£7.50 £3.75
£7.50 £3.25
£7.50 £2.50
Each account will be billed and sent an itemised summary at the end of each month.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your sales or build your brand, Horsemart My Business has you covered.

What is Horsemart PRO Business?

Horsemart PRO Business is an upgraded membership plan designed to provide equine-based sellers with enhanced features and benefits. With Horsemart PRO Business, you gain access to exclusive pricing under the price-per-ad model, meaning the more ads you place, the cheaper they become. Additionally, your first and boost credit are included, as well as 25% off all ad enhancements, such as boost credits and featured ads.

What is the My Business Insights Dashboard?
The My Business Insights Dashboard is a powerful analytics tool available to both basic and PRO businesses. Our new dashboard provides valuable data and metrics to help dealers track and optimise the performance of their ads, enabling informed decision-making for advertising strategies.
How does the price-per-ad model work?

The price-per-ad model offers PRO Businesses a flexible pricing structure where the cost of advertising decreases as you list more ads. With a PRO Business account, the more ads you place, the cheaper your advertising becomes per ad listed, helping you save money while expanding your inventory reach.

What are the benefits of Horsemart PRO Business?

Horsemart PRO Business offers several benefits, including discounted advertising and ad enhancement rates, 1 free boost credit and the inclusion of 1 ad per month, providing exceptional value for dealers looking to maximise their online presence and sales potential.

How much does Horsemart cost for businesses?

Horsemart offers flexible pricing options for businesses, including basic business and Horsemart PRO Business membership. A basic account is free, allowing businesses to create a directory profile and list their stock for £7.50 per ad. Horsemart PRO Business, which provides additional benefits such as discounted advertising rates, is available for £15 per month with 1 ad included, plus as little as £2.50 per additional ad listed.

How many ads are included in Horsemart PRO?

Horsemart PRO Business provides 1 free ad per month. After this, dealers can place unlimited ads, with the cost per ad decreasing as more are uploaded. Additionally, 1 Boost Credit is uploaded each month to boost ads to the top of the search results page.

Can I cancel Horsemart PRO Business anytime?

Yes, Horsemart PRO Business memberships can be cancelled at any time. There are no long-term commitments, giving dealers the flexibility to adjust their membership based on their needs.

How do I upgrade to Horsemart PRO Business?

Upgrading to Horsemart PRO Business is easy. Simply visit the Horsemart website, sign up as a business, and select the Horsemart PRO Business plan. Follow the prompts to complete the upgrade process and unlock access to exclusive features and benefits.

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