Pay Less with Every Ad You Place:
With Horsemart PRO Business

The concept is simple: the more ads you place, the cheaper your ads become.

Save with Horsemart’s cheapest advertising.

Gain access to Horsemart’s price-per-ad model, exclusive to PRO Business. Plus, with one free ad and boost credit included in your £15 membership, it’s a no brainer.

Be trusted with PRO Business branding.

Gain credibility as buyers contact you via your PRO Business branded business profile.

25% off all add-ons.

Boost your ad to the top of search results, promote your ad in strategic positions or even become the Horsemart Ad of the Week, all with a massive discount.

Basic Business

£0 /month
Then £7.50 per ad listed
£15 /month
Then as little as £2.50 per ad

How much will you save?

Number of Ads
Price per Ad
PRO Business white tick
£7.50 FREE
£7.50 £4.99
£7.50 £4.25
£7.50 £3.75
£7.50 £3.25
£7.50 £2.50
Each account will be billed and sent an itemised summary at the end of each month.

Get 25% Off All Add-ons

With PRO Business

Boost Your Ad

Boost Your Ad

Push your ad to the top of organic search results, no matter how old the ad is, and stay there until new ads are placed.

Promote Your Ad

Promote Your Ad

Promoted Ads appear prominently in changing strategic positions throughout the search results page.

Category Ad of the Week

Category Ad of the Week

Feature at the top of your chosen category, whether it be Air Guns or Bolt Action Rifles, and stay there for 7 days.

Scheduled Boost

Scheduled Boost

Our most powerful ad enhancer yet.

Automatically boost your ads to ensure your ad is featured highly at peak times, maximising your engagement.

Horsemart Ad of the Week

Horsemart Ad of the Week

Over 60% of buyers start their journey on the homepage – get your ad featured at the top of our homepage for 7 days.

Equine advertising that works for your business.

Scale your advertising exactly when you need to, and for a great price. 

Pay less with every ad you place, only with PRO Business.

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