Sell your horse, horsebox, tack or property on the leading equine marketplace in the UK

Horsemart is visited by over half a million horse lovers every month looking to buy a horse, horsebox or some tack. Placing an ad for what you’re selling is quick and easy, and very competitively priced! Take a look at our packages below and start placing your ad today!

Three Packages Designed To Help You Sell…

Standard Ad


Our Standard ad is a basic package which runs for 90 days, enabling you to upload multiple photos of your ad


Horse Ad: £9.99

Horsebox Ad: £13.99

Tack Ad: Free

Premium Ad


Our Premium ads run for 90 days and appear above the standard ads at all times, meaning more people will see your tack. You also have the ability to boost your ads to the top of the listings whenever you wish! 


Horse Ad: £21.99

Horsebox Ad: £21.99

Tack Ad: 4.99

Platinum Ad


Your ad will be live for 90 days and will be featured on the hugely popular Horsemart homepage and will also appear in the national Horsemart magazine, as well as receiving all the benefits of the Premium ad too! 

Horse Ad: £29.99

Horsebox Ad: £29.99

Tack Ad: £7.99

“For only £19.99 I found a lovely buyer for my mare in under a week! I will definitely sell on Horsemart again in future should I need to.”

Siobhan Waite, Essex