The hurdles of equestrian insurance

The Hurdles of Equestrian Insurance Finding the right equestrian insurance to suit your specific needs can feel like running a race in the Grand National, complete with its own set of pitfalls, hurdles, winners and losers. But fear not as South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) has compiled our definitive guide to leaping “The hurdles of Equestrian Insurance.”

Acorn poisoning in horses

Generally, horses will not choose to eat acorns, however during the autumn months when there is less to eat in the fields horses are more likely to get a taste for acorns, stems and oak blossoms that have either fallen or blown into their pasture. These parts of the oak tree all contain a product called tannins which are toxic to horses.


When it comes to running any business or service, it is vital that ample provisions are in place should the worse happen. By choosing to overlook or opt for sub-standard insurance policies you’re not only endangering your business but potentially endangering the lives of your employees too.

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