Emerald Equine

Express Website

Emerald Equine chose to use our Express template to create their dream website. Combined with an all-year stocklisting on Horsemart, they consistently get their ads in front of their perfect target audience.

Once visitors are on their site, either being found naturally in Google, or via the busy Horsemart website, the Google Analytics reporting that all infinity customers have access to, tells us that most visitors are instantly drawn to the carousel at the bottom of their homepage, which showcases all the horses they have on sale at any one time.
It slides automatically, which really catches the eye and encourages visitors to look at their whole range of stock.

If their website visitors have a very specific horse in mind that they’d like to find, using the search box on Emerald’s homepage, users can quickly and easily filter for a specific type of horse they’re looking for, and can specify their desired budget too.

Emerald’s now responsive website typically receives more than 3,000 website visitors every month, with over 30% of these people coming directly from Google. 
Optimising our dealers websites is something we spend a lot of time and attention on and our SEO team are constantly working on ways to get your sites to the very top of Google for those search terms you want to own. 

The many people looking at Emerald’s ads are turning into hugely valuable enquiries too- One of their recent horses for sale, a beautiful Connemara gelding, received enquiries from 47 different people through both their website and their stocklisting with Horsemart.