We are looking for

brand ambassadors


Promotion Of Your Content

We have a strong following across multiple platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, that we will promote your content across.

Ambassador Perks

We’ll be happy to send you to equestrian events and provide you with new products. These can then be reviewed for our site.

Partnership Opportunities

We’ll provide you with opportunities to work with other brands in order to create collaborations and joint content.


You will receive support from our team who will assist you with your content creation and help with any problems you may have.

publish your content to a huge audience

YouTube Subscribers

Instagram followers

Facebook page likes

twitter followers

What we need

from you

Our brand ambassadors are going to be a huge part of our brand. As the faces of Horsemart, they will have a number of responsibilities. These include:


  • Creating two pieces of video or blog content each month
  • Regularly posting on our social channels
  • Acting as experts for our brand
  • Keeping our community updated and informed

how to enter

To apply, we want to learn all about you! Get creative – we want to see a blog or a vlog that tells us everything we need to know. Submit this via email to apply@horsemart.co.uk alongside a short bio and links to your social media profiles.