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As wildfires continue to rip through the US state of California and structures and lives are being destroyed, many people have been forced to flee their homes with no time to save many of their precious belongings. Having an emergency sprung on you with little time to make a difference can leave people frantically grabbing clothes, food, aid and anything that they might need. However one woman wasn’t taking any chances with the safety of her beloved pony. So she helped him into the back of her car!

This was the solution decided by a nurse named Lauren Mesaros after residents in the Sonoma and Lake Counties area were told to leave their homes and save themselves. But Mesaros had three beautiful horses to bring with her and her usual trailer made room for just two. This left one option – she had to use the only other form of transport around – her car. It’s usually the horse pulling the cart, but this little pony got to ride as passenger for once!

Lauren’s car is far from appropriate for this job too; it’s not a bulky 4×4 or a spacious limousine. It’s actually just a 15 year old Honda Accord – with barely enough room for two people in the back.

What was even more surprising was the pony’s (named Stardust) eagerness to hop in the back. There wasn’t much persuading to do at all and witnesses claimed he ‘walked in just like a dog’. Mesaros used his favourite carrot snack as a lure, whilst her friends urged him in from the other side of the beaten up car. Stardust didn’t have too long to ride in the back and the horses were spared room at a ranch close by. Locals say that the area has not been too badly damaged by Tubbs Fire, meaning it won’t be too long before the horses are back where they belong, and not in the back of a five-seater!